Solomon's seal

Bolshaya Podyacheskaya Ulitsa, 36
The high relief above the entrance represents two warriors shaking hands. They look like Roman legionaries (also this building is adorned with a Roman eagle) but one of them has a hexagram on his buckler.

Zagorodny Prospect, 7
This is the left leaf (right one is spoilt) of the gates which lead into the yard of the Saint Petersburg Podvorye (the old Russian term for "inn") of Konevsky monastery. Since the building is concerned with the Orthodox Church it is nothing surprising that it has a six-pointed star on its gates.

Liteyny Prospect, 21
Two David's stars above the window. Also three mythical animals on this building can be viewed.

Bolshoy Prospect P.S., 77
The photo shows the bearing of the balcony (which also serves as a roof of the entrance). This time the Solomon's seal is accompanied with compasses which are used in the Masonry symbolism.

Goncharnaya Ulitsa, 12
This star has a bit "cultivated" form. The building as you can see from this little fragment is designed in the Russian folk style.

Ploschad Ostrovskogo, 5
One more example of the upper case, but the pattern surrounding the star is more ingenious. Also view the swastika from this building.

11 Liniya V.O., 20
A horned satyr-demon on the David's star. Looks nice.

Anichkov Garden (Nevsky Prospect)
Double-headed eagle, the Russian State Emblem, holds in its claws the David's star. Well, we believe this ornamental is only an element of decoration. The fence with these strange symbols gathers round the garden of the Anichkov Palace.

Naberezhnaya Kanala Griboedova
Among many symbols on the façade of the Church of Christ's Resurrection (it is also called "the Saviour-on-Blood") we can see also this little Solomon's seal. View the swastika and other symbols from this building too.

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